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Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

Here is an early video which will tell you how the Children of Hope School got started.

And here is a video scanning the children in school today

This student, Diksha, started school just a few months before this video was taken.

Rajveer was too busy working on his assignment to notice the camera at first.

The two boys shown of the right, Ajay and Lalit, approached the Director and insisted they be allowed to do an electronics project.   He brought in an engineer friend to help.   We'll let them explain.

Then, they did a second project, this time a Solar Powered Fan.

Showing such promise, the same two boys, Ajay and Lalit, were sent a robotic car project, which they completed on their own (a few other boys helped).

Not to be out done, Diksha and Pushpa, approached the Director and said, "Why can only boys do electronic projects?"   A second robotic car project arrived.
The boys started it, but look at the girl's expressions when they did.

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