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A surprise gift package from a wonderful lady     Essay Contest

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

January 7, 2019
Surprise Gift from Hong Kong!
"I am very glad to inform you that we have received a big parcel from Hong Kong for the children at Children of Hope School.   It was unexpected and a complete surprise.   In the parcel received was 20 books, 2 albums, some posters, 1 kit of stickers, 1 pack of flash cards, 7 sets of spoons and paper plates, 3 small plates, 1 bag of toy cars, 2 bags of stationary, 6 cloth T-shirts, 4 stuffed toys, 1 pair of shoes, 3 hand bags and some cards.

The sender was a gracious, generous woman, whose name we must not disclose, living in Hong Kong.   Our Webmaster has friends in Hong Kong and they do not know of the lady.
We also don't know how she found the Children of Hope School in Jaipur and how she found my address.   I sent a thank you message to her and asked her these questions.
God bless this wonderful lady. "

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