Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"I would very much appreciate hearing from you, and any support you can provide for the Children of Hope School.   You can be sure, the children will also be most grateful.

There are many ways you can send your support.   You can click on the GoFundMe logo below which will take you to their website, a very popular means of supporting good causes.

You can provide support for our  Special Needs , our VoTech Program or support our mission trips through your PayPal account by clicking on the Donate button below.

You can also purchase online one of the wonderful paintings the students have created, like the one that follows, by clicking on Artwork, and we have 12 beautiful Colorful Lamps like the one shown below the painting.   Purchasing of one of the lamps made by the children, for any donation, can be accomplished through the Donate button on the left.
Just tell us in the note how many you want.

Or, just tell me below what you would like to do, and I will get back to you.   If you have any questions for me (or wish to subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, our school's newsletter), please use the form below.   God bless you."

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Support for Assistant Director

"Our sponsors are all familiar with Gunjan.   She can be seen helping with every event, even teaching the children the basics of cooking.   You can see her working with the children through our VoTech Program.   Sponsors see her name frequently when she translates and sends messages to them from their sponsored students. Here is a typical scene showing Gunjan surrounded by Children of Hope School students.

As important as she is, you may be surprised that she only works for the school part time, as a volunteer, since she must earn money for the support of her family (parents, sister and brother).   Gunjan knows more about the operations of the school than the other teachers.   I would like to promote Gunjan to Assistant Director of the Children of Hope School and to require her full-time support.   I asked Gunjan to tell me the least amount of money she would need to accept.   She calculated her basic needs, apartment rent, food and the amount she must send to her family.   She told me that $300 per month would make it possible for her to work at the school full-time.   I considered Gunjan because of her faith in Christ and because she has been very dedicated to serving the children.   Please consider a monthly donation toward the amount needed.   When the monthly donation totals $300, I will ask Gunjan to join the school as Assistant Director.   You can use the PayPal button below to set up the monthly payment, however much that is.   God bless you for your support."

Note: You will receive a receipt from PayPal, for your tax records, indicating you have donated to Give Back to Humanity, a registered 501C(3) organization.
They have generously offered to handle the forwarding of all sponsor donations promptly to the Children of Hope School in Jaipur.

Support for Teachers Needed!
Click on my photo to see me in the classroom.   We are now teaching almost 90 children, ages from 3 to 14. They are divided into multiple 'classrooms' by age group, through the use of partitions, paid for by generous sponsors.   The good teachers we have often cannot stay with us, since the stipend we receive each month (approximately $75) is not enough to support us."

You can help by sponsoring a teacher.   To fully sponsor a teacher, they need to receive $100 per month.   It would be wonderful if you felt called to do that.   On the other hand, you can send a smaller amount each month toward a teacher's stipend.
Either way, just use the PayPal button below and enter $100 or whatever amount you can.   Please make it monthly.

And, yes, we also need a cook.  

For the teachers and the Director to do all of the cooking each day for almost 90 children has become a serious problem. You can sponsor the cook we found, whose name is Rajni, for just $70 per month (click on her photo to see Rajni in action).   Again, if you can't send the entire amount, a smaller monthly payment will help tremendously.

More desks are still needed!

That's a good problem, isn't it.   When the children returned to school this year, it became apparent that there would be too many children for the desks we have.   The more children given hope for their future, the more desks we need.   We need to buy 4 two-seat desks and 3 three-seat desks at a cost of approximately $370, including shipping.

If you decide to help, you can send any amount you choose by using the Donate button to the left or you can use the link to GoFundMe.   Just say your donation is for Children of Hope School desks.

Support Our Mission Trips

As you probably know, the Children of Hope School's Director, staff and friends go on mission trips several times each year.   These mission trips are funded by sponsors and supporters like you.   We welcome your support.

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