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Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"I would very much appreciate hearing from you, and any support you can provide for the Children of Hope School.   You can be sure, the children will also be most grateful.
There are many ways you can send your support.   You can click on the GoFundMe logo below which will take you to their website, a very popular means of supporting good causes, or you can fund some of our Special Needs covered below.

You can also purchase online one of the wonderful paintings the students have created, like the one that follows, by clicking on Artwork, and we have 12 beautiful Colorful Lamps like the one shown below the painting.   Purchasing of one of the lamps made by the children, for any donation, can be accomplished through the Special Needs section below.   Just tell us how many you want.

Or, just tell me below what you would like to do, and I will get back to you.   If you have any questions for me (or wish to subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, our school's newsletter), please use the form at the bottom right of the page.   God bless you."

Support Our Mission Trips

As you probably know, the Children of Hope School's Director, staff and friends go on mission trips several times each year.   These mission trips are funded by sponsors and supporters like you.   We welcome your support.   After each trip the reports are promptly prepared and placed on a private website with access given to all sponsors and supporters.   You will quickly see the results of your generosity.   You can send any amount by following the instructions below.

More desks are needed!
That's a good problem, isn't it.   When the children returned to school this year, it became apparent that there would be too many children for the desks we have.   The more children given hope for their future, the more desks we need.   We need to buy 3 two-seat desks and 3 three-seat desks at a cost of $370, including shipping.

If you decide to help, you can send any amount you choose by following the Special Needs funding instructions below, or you can use the link to GoFundMe.   Just say your donation is for Childrenof Hope School desks.

Special Needs of the
Children of Hope School

Girl's and Boy's winter shoes
Purchased - Thank you!
Click on SHOES

Many of the children, if not most, do not have shoes for the winter, as you have probably seen on our EVENTS pages.   It is getting quite cold now in Jaipur, and I am concerned the children will not venture out to come daily to school.

You can provide Special Needs support or support mission trips through your PayPal account.

Clicking on the following GO button will take you to where you can log into your account.   After logging in, click on "Tools" then on "Send Money" then on "Pay for Goods or Services."   Enter the following email address (Copy and Paste works):

Small video camera
Purchased - Thank you!

The school has no good way to take videos of the children studying or of the many events the school holds.   We try to place videos on all of the individual student webpages, but without a good camera, they do not turn out well.   The cost here in India through is about $415 US.   We already have $150 pledged.

Then click on "Next."   Enter the amount you want to send.   Add a note describing how you want the money to be used.   Then click on "Continue."   The process is quite easy.

You can also use PayPal Credit or any credit or debit card to pay.

Body Weight Scale
Purchased - Thank you!
Click on SCALE

We pay close attention to the children's health at Children of Hope School.   They should be weighed often to make sure they are getting more to eat than the meal we serve them each day.   Also, illness can cause a child to lose weight.   The school should have a body weight scale on hand to help monitor the children's health.

Note: You will receive a receipt from PayPal, for your tax records, indicating you have donated to Give Back to Humanity, a registered 501C(3) organization.   They have generously offered to handle the forwarding of all sponsor donations promptly to the Children of Hope School in Jaipur.

Two-Student Desks.
Purchased - Thank you!
Click on DESKS to see the event.

You can see on the front page marquee of our website the many desks which were purchased by our sponsors and supporters.   You will also see that we now have too many children for the number of desks in the classroom.   We need $370 to purchase six more desks.   See More desks are needed! above.

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Seating Rugs
Purchased - Thank you!.
Click on RUGS

As I said above, it is getting quite cold now in Jaipur.   The rugs we are using on the concrete floors are thin and old.   They are fine for summer.   Yesterday, I asked the children about rugs they sit on during class.   They told me that they feel cold when they sit on the rugs.   We need thicker rugs for all of the classes.   I have research the cost and the rugs are $50 US each.   We need at least three rugs.

Drinking Water Tank
Purchased - Thank you!

Water Tank
We need a drinking water tank for the children like the one on the left.

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