That's me before I graduated.
Sponsored Student Diksha

"Hi.   I'm so glad you came.   Let me show you around.   Way below my picture are the photos of many of the sponsored students and many friends of mine.   Sponsored students all get to wear school uniforms like the one I'm wearing.

The school logo, above, was designed by one of our graduated students, but many of our students are very artistic and we actually sell our paintings to help the school (Student Artwork).   During the summer especially, we do lots of arts and crafts projects. Click on the What's new button or the Events button to see lists of the many projects and events at the school.

If you click on the What's new button you will see, next to the blackboard, what we do most of the time, study.   While you are there you can also click on the About button and learn how the Children of Hope School got its start, and there also you'll meet Pastor Ravi, the Founder.   You can use the back arrow to get back to me (Don't get lost, I've got more to tell you).

[If you place your mouse over a photograph below you will see their name appear.]

How to sponsor a student

It's really quite easy.   I was sponsored when my sponsors clicked on my photograph on the Children button page.   I'm so glad they did.   You can also let Pastor Ravi pick out a child for you to sponsor by clicking on the Sponsoring button.

Once you become a sponsor you can go to Sponsors Only (It's ok to take a peek).   There, sponsors can go to their sponsored students's personal webpages to see photos of them in the classroom and even short videos.
That's me doing math on the whiteboard.
Click on the picture and you'll see me in action (I had just started school for the first time in my life!).   Sponsors can also send messages to their students, which arrive the next morning, and get prompt answers from the students (no waiting weeks for snail mail).

If you would rather not sponsor a student, but you would like to help, click on the Support button.   It takes a lot to operate a school of almost 100 students, ages 3 to 14.

Thank you so much for visiting with me."   Diksha


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