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Puppet making project    Christmas

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

          Participants with their puppets

          Painting the puppet heads

January 19, 2019
"Today we have successfully completed the Katputli (Puppet) Project with the children in the school.   It took us three days to teach children how to make them, and they made beautiful Puppets.   Praise the Lord....!

About the Puppet Project: Kathputli is a string puppet native to Rajasthan, India and is the most popular form of Indian puppetry.   Kathputli made India one of the first countries to invent traditional puppetry.   These colourful handmade and hand painted string puppets are one of the finest examples of the most ancient and popular form of folk entertainment.   Indian traditional home décor string puppets, or kathputli of Rajasthan, are one of the most vibrant aspects of Indian culture.   These folk puppets of Rajasthan are known as kathputli (Kath meaning wood and Putli meaning doll) are made in Jaipur and the Jodhpur district.   Most often they consist of painted wooden heads draped with dresses made from old fabrics and sequined for charm.   The puppets are generally 1.5 to 2 feet in height.   The hands are made simply by stuffing rags or cotton into the sleeve of the dress and thereby filling them out.   The most quaint aspect of these puppets is the way their expressions are painted, with large expressive eyes and arched eyebrows; a curling mustache for men and a nose ring for the women.   The faces are usually painted yellow, white or any light color.   These beautiful string puppets are sure to add new dimension to your wall decor and will make an excellent gift.   These puppets were not only a source of entertainment, but also provided moral and social education.   The shows tackled problems like the dowry system, women's empowerment, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, and cleanliness.   These puppet shows made people aware of the social problems that everybody was facing and also showed ways of solving them."

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              First stage of creation

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