Parinda Campaign Day at Children of Hope School

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya
June 10, 2020
Parinda Campaign

"Praise the Lord!

"Yesterday, we opened the Children of Hope School.   We first had a meeting with the teaching staff about how to plan and start the summer camp activities.   We invited only the older children.   The children were very happy to come again to Children of Hope School.   We gave them instructions on how to stay sanitized to save them from COVID-19.

So, today we started our campaign to save the local birds from the heat - The Parinda Campaign.   We did this last year as well.   This month the temperatures are soaring due to a heat wave across Jaipur.   We have observed the impact of this heat wave on birds as it becomes difficult for them to find drinking water.   The lack of hydration in this climate can be really hazardous for the birds.

Although Birds can't speak, we understand their needs.   This is an awareness campaign where we have distributed "Parindas" (Small clay Pots) to the children so that they can provide water to the birds by simply hanging the pots in their balcony, tree or by placing the pots in places where birds can easily access the water.   We have distributed 40 Parindas in the surrounding slum areas.   The children hung a Parinda on a tree and put one on the school balcony.

This time we are not only going to hang Parindas on trees or place them on balconies, but also we are going to take care every day to fill them with water morning and evening.   The children took the responsibility and promised to take care of these Parindas every day for the birds.   This is a small initiative impacting a large number of birds and in turn the lives of a number of human beings as its brings us closer to nature. The children are spreading this awareness to other slum families."

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