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The Latest News - March 1, 2019
This month's cover
These are children from the slums and streets of Jaipur who now wear uniforms, attend classes, sit at desks and receive a nutritious meal every day, all paid for by the generous sponsors of the individual students you see in this photo.   Sponsors who look at this photo can pick out those students that have become precious members of their families in the U.S.

For each of the children you see in the photograph above we have created an exclusive webpage that only their sponsor has access to.   The sponsor can see photos and even videos of their sponsored students in the classroom or being involved in one of the many vocational training projects the school conducts.   Reports of the students' progress are also available on their webpages.

Well, it finally happened.   A sponsor from the U.S. came to Jaipur to meet (and hug) her sponsored children.   Both the sponsor and the students were thrilled to finally see one another face to face.


They've been communicating through their webpages with their sponsor, and so they knew each other quite well before meeting.
And here's proof she was actually at the Children of Hope School.   She is wearing the garland the girls on her right prepared for her.

Surprise Gift from Hong Kong   We don't know how she found our school in Jaipur, but a wonderful lady, living in Hong Kong, sent the students a surprise package.   In the parcel received was 20 books, 2 albums, some posters, 1 kit of stickers, 1 pack of flash cards, 7 sets of spoons and paper plates, 3 small plates, 1 bag of toy cars, 2 bags of stationary, 6 cloth T-shirts, 4 stuffed toys, 1 pair of shoes, 3 hand bags and some special pencils.   The children were grateful.

The students holding the special pencils are, from left to right, Pushpa, Diksha, her sister Manisha, and Lalit.

Puppet Making Project   One of the many vocational training projects conducted at the school, was the making of Indian puppets called Kathputli.   Why do we call this a vocational project?   You must remember, these children, coming from the slums and streets of Jaipur, have never done anything like what we are having them do.   They have never made anything, have never painted anything, sewed anything, or created anything in their whole experience. So, a project like this is a very educational, vocational event.   The project involved making a cast of the head, painting it and sewing the costume.   Look at the fun they had doing the project.

Voting for School Officers. The students voted for school officers recently to teach the children about the political process.   Here are a few of the photos taken during the voting.   Ravina, Lalit, Anjali and Ajay are shown voting.


And the winner is, our confident artist, Kuldeep, the new school President.

Exams, Fall 2018   Children were very serious at this time about taking their December 2018 exams.   Yesterday they have completed their exams.   Now they are preparing for Christmas celebration.   We have a very short time to prepare."   Khoshi and Lalit are shown taking their exam.


Sponsorship of Students   Sponsorship takes just a few minutes, and you will change the life of the child you select forever.   The cost is about 90¢ per day. Bhanupratap (Bhanup) is a 7-year old boy.
His mother is a house wife and father works as a laborer.   They were not able to give a proper education to their child because of the high government school fees.   When they learned about Children of Hope School they told us all about their situation.   We gave their son admission to the school, but he is not yet sponsored.   If you wish to sponsor Bhanup, just click on his photo, and when you do, you will see we have a brand new website, easier to navigate.

If you would rather help with a donation toward our Special Needs, thank you. Click HERE.

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