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Medical Camp arranged by Children of Hope School

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

January 20, 2017  
"The women have returned to Children of Hope School (see EVENTS). They want and need direction from us. I called our youth members and teachers. We gathered together to discuss the families of our students. The conclusion of the meeting was we should develop an awareness program for the community of families like a Medical Camp, we called it. Tobacco chewing and Alcohol are serious problems in this community. The women who came to the School agree with us, what is needed is a Medical Camp. I made an effort to meet with different hospitals in Jaipur. I told them about our Children of Hope School and about the family backgrounds of the children. Many Hospitals refused our proposal to organize a Medical Camp in the community. We were very disappointed. The women came to the School and asked about our progress toward establishing a Medical Camp. We did not have any good news to give them. I told them "God is our Hope." I continued to visit hospitals in Jaipur without success.

But our God is good all of the Time. The Lord says "My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9 By the Grace of God, I received a call from a small hospital, and Dr. Anand Bhatnagar confirmed we could organize a 'Free Dental & General Treatment Camp' in the community. Praise the Lord.

January 21, 2017   Thank God for this day. We have all prepared for the Medical Camp. The teachers and I visited around 500 families in the community, telling them about the free Medical Camp. The women helped by renting a tent for the doctors, as well as chairs and tables.

By the Grace of God, the doctors have agreed to provide free medical care, all dental treatment from childhood to old age, including blood pressure tests, glucose teats, examinations for: gum disease, such as bleeding gums, oral submucous fibrosis , flap surgery, maxilla and mandike fracture treatment, oral cancer, laser treatment, ultrasonic scaling, bone graft, appendix, female disease, fever, cough, cold, body pain, etc: The doctors will give free medicine for all of the diseases related to dental problem and general disease. They will make people aware of disease caused by tobacco chewing.

Three doctors have agreed to join the Medical Camp including one female doctor. Details are given below:

Dr. M.B Bhatnagar, MBBS, M.S., Consulting Surgeon, Dr. Anand, BDS (Hon), MDS, and Dr. Eva, BDS, MIDA, Senior Dental Surgeon

Praise the Lord. Thank God for this wonderful and graceful day for this needy community. I would like to thank God first for helping us to organize the Medical Camp. I am not equipped to arrange for such a Medical Camp. Only God opened the way with His mercy for these people through his Grace.

After I told the doctors about Children of Hope School and our work for the children of the Jaipur slum areas, they agreed to my proposal to organize the Medical Camp. I talked to many doctors in Jaipur, but Dr. M.B Bhatnagar's is the only hospital which accepted my proposal to organize the Camp at the School. I told the doctors about the community people, and that they would not be able to pay for the medicine or any tests. By the Grace of God, the doctors decided to agree to provide medicine and tests free of cost. However, they gave us only 5 1/2 hours to organize the Medical Camp.

I helped to arrange for the tent, curtains, table and chairs with the support from women in the community. The women did all of this for the Medical Camp, because they came to the School last week for a meeting with me during which they requested the Medical Camp.

Today, 84 children and 160 adult including men and women came to the Medical Camp. I did not believe that 244 people would come to the Camp, because we had a very short time for promotion. The doctors were very happy to see the large number attending, and they commited to me that they will come again soon for the next Medical Camp at Children of Hope School.

Men, Women and children got the free medicine, tests and were made aware of the dental diseases they had. Our Children of Hope School children also received the medicine and tests. All of the people in the community gave appreciations to the Children of Hope School. They hope to attend the future Medical Camp."

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