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Recent Essay Contest at Children of Hope School     Summer 2018

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

November 16, 2018
Children's Day Essay Contest
"We have organized for the students at Children of Hope School an "Essay Competition," which took place on Children's Day.   The students had to write about something, anything that occured to them regarding Children's Day.   There are four student winners in the Essay Writing Contest.
Their names are Diksha, Pushpa, Ajay and Kuldeep, standing in that order in the photos.
We have given them each an English-Hindi dictionary as a prize (shown being given to Diksha).   They felt very honored to receive this gift.   All four are sponsored children as indicated by the their names and the Children of Hope School logos on their uniforms (Kuldeep will receive a new uniform soon.   He was just sponsored this month.)   The special hats worn by all of the children are in celebration of Children's Day."

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