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December 25-27, 2017
Christmas 2017
"Praise our living God, Jesus Christ.   The love of Christ is always with us.   I am very glad to write to you about the Christmas celebration at Children of Hope School.   Lots of enjoy was experienced by the children.   We never celebrated Christmas before like this.   It created the same blessed feeling like a mission trip.   Your Prayers and support really blessed all of the children.   The children and I are very Blessed by God's grace.

The Children enjoyed a 2.30 minute movie about Jesus, shown through a projector the school rented.   They were blessed to see Jesus living life for humanity and the love He has for us.   God sent Jesus to teach people the truth.   Jesus taught about God's Kingdom to all people.

Then, after the movie they enjoyed seeing and participating in the skits, 'O Holy night' and 'Set me free'.   We captured a video of the children, but it will take some time to edit them so that they can be shared with you.   Although they had only three day's to practice these skits, I praise the Lord for their love for Christ.   After the skits, they enjoyed wearing Christ caps and celebrating Jesus' Birthday with shouting and singing a song, 'Happy Birthday Jesus Christ'.

Suddenly Santa Claus came with gifts and distributed candy to all of the children.   The children really enjoyed to see Santa Claus for the first time in our School. They enjoyed Santa very much.   The children laughed and the little children cried to see Santa.   I felt, you must to see this for yourself how the children enjoyed this with cheerful smiles, celebrating this holy season for His Glory.   All of the children danced to Christmas songs after the closing celebration.   They did not want to go to their homes.   They wanted to stay all the day celebrating Christmas.   It was very hard for me to see the go out from school.   The children were in school until 4:00 PM that day.

It was great day for all of the children celebrating Christmas.   They will not for forget this day.   Thank you for your support and prayers.   God bless you and your family."

                              Skit Performance

                              Santa Arrives

                              Fun for Everyone

                              And a Cake!

The tree is lit

Skit Participants

Skit Performance

Watching Skit

Santa Arrives

Fun for Everyone

December 16, 2017
Exams Time Again
"If you recognize one of your sponsored children, and want their exam photo added to their website, email"

Gunjan, Tom Lynch and Pastor Ravi

December 5, 2017
Winter Clothes
"I am very grateful to Tom Lynch for bringing winter clothes with him on his trip to Jaipur and the Children of Hope School on September 10.   Since it was warm then, I told Tom I would give them to the children when the winter season comes.   Tom's wife, Dr. Nancy Lynch also sent winter clothes with Tom. Not only did Tom arrive with winter clothes for the children, but he brought some for the parents as well.

Click on either photo to see the many photos we took of the children and parents receiving the winter clothes."

Pastor Ravi fitting men with winter clothes.
November 14, 2017
Children's Birthday Celebration
"I am very Thankful to God for this wonderful day.   We also thank a special sponsor who provided the funds for the Birthday Celebration.   The children were very surprised to received their gifts.   They cut their cake, wore their caps, tasted the candy and received the surprise gifts from God.   The children decorated the interior of the School.   They were very happy to celebrate their birthdays.   For some, it was the first time they tasted cake.   They really enjoyed this special day, by God's Grace.   Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Click on either photo to see the many photos we took of the children engaged in the Children's Birthday Celebration."

September 30, 2017
Swach Bharat (Clean India)
"Yesterday, we started a new campaign called "Swach Bharat" (Clean India) by the Children of Hope School for making ours a clean and green country.   As citizens of India we must be a part of making a clean India.   Do not throw any garbage on the roads and street, and keep your surrounding areas clean.   Health and hygiene go hand in hand.   It is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the country to make their country clean.   This campaign has been initiated by people globally towards the cleanliness efforts.   Click on either photo to read more and to see the many photos we took of the children engaged in Swach Bharat."
September 15, 2017
Trip report Continued
Tom Lynch: "Student Diksha presented a native dance to Indian music during the pageant presentation done by a number of the students."

Click on the image on the right to view a video of the dance taken with a cellphone.

September 15, 2017  
Trip report to Children of Hope School
"Tom Lynch, President of Give Back to Humanity, the organization which helps with funds transfer from sponsors to the school, traveled to Jaipur recently.   Here are excerpts from his reporting emails:"

"Needless to say, it was inspiring to be
at Children of Hope School, humbling as well.   (I) certainly recommend that (sponsors) make the journey.   Student Diksha and a lad named Lalit were the two children that I connected with during the day.   Lalit especially.   He is a very fine, gregarious lad with a huge smile!

        Diksha, Tom Lynch, Lalit

Tom Lynch was also given 20 Colorful Lamps (see below) to take home and distribute.   More on their distribution later.

        Gunjan, Tom Lynch, Pastor Ravi

Diksha presented a native dance to Indian music during the pageant presentation done by a number of the students (video to come later).   Ravi also introduced me to Sahil and showed me his healing wound.   Sahil was asked if it hurt anymore in Hindi by Ravi and he shook his head, "No".   I was given cards made by the kids for their sponsors and I (plan) to put them in the mail."

September 1-7, 2017  
Colorful Lamp Project
"The children enjoyed the Colorful Lamp Project so much, and we have so many photos of the sponsored and non-sponsored children, we decided to open a separate page for your full enjoyment.   Click on either of these photos to enter the Colorful Lamp Project page."

August 21, 2017  
"Yesterday we held a drawing competition at the Children of Hope School.   Last time the childrens used water colors to create their paintings.   But this time, I bought sketch pen color sets for each individual student, that is, for those who participated in the competition.   All of these students were happy to participate in the competition.   The students were happy with the colors, and they created beautiful works of art.   We frequently hold drawing competition classes to expand the students' creativity and art skills. Here are some recent photos taken during class."



August 19, 2017  
"Yesterday, we taught childrens about how to make carpet in Rajasthani culture ? This carpet called "Gudhdi" We used wastage clothes inside the gudhdi and make cover plain used Saree. There is need needle and thick Thread to make this. Saree is a indian women tradition dress. Mostly, Indian women wear this dress. I hope, Angie mam know very well about this. We can use gudhdi cover with colorful clothes or according to how it look ? Some girls are participated for making gudhdi. It is used for sleep and sit inside the indian homes. Mostly, You can see gudhdi (carpet) in Rajasthani villages."

July 19, 2017  
Clay Art Project Results!   "The results speak for themselves.   The children added color to their clay scultures.   They look wonderful.   The children are very pleased and happy for the opportunity to learn how to work with clay."

July 14, 2017  
Clay Art Project. Sponsors, look for your sponsored students. "Today we taught the children how to use clay in Art.   The children were very excited to learn a different activity in School.   When we say to them that we are going to teach them something different, the children become eager to learn and participate with all their heart.   We taught them how to prepare the clay before making anything like birds, animals, men, women, kitchen utensils, toys and many more.   The children were free to make anything they wanted.   Many of the children participated in the Clay Art Project.
Teachers helped the children to make something with wet clay.   Small chidren could only watch what the other children made.   Gunjan, one of our teachers, taught them to use balloons.   The day was a great day for the children to make something through the clay of the earth.   Please see attached pictures.   All of the sponsored children are in the pictures."

July 8, 2017  
"Praise the Lord.   Finally, Rajveer has come back to School yesterday.   He came with two brothers, Kohinor and Jwala.   Rajveer started in on his books.   All of the sponsored childrens have now come back to School."

June 30, 2017  
"Praise the Lord.   Our God is really Great.   He replied to our Prayers.   Manisha (on the left) and Diksha (on the right) have come back to the Children of Hope School classes.   You can see them in class below.   Now only Rajveer is left.   I had a meeting with his Parents yesterday.  They apologized for not sending him to school.   They will send Rajveer to school tomorrow.
Praise the Lord."

June 24, 2017  
One more sponsored child was added today to our numbers.   It is Shaid.   His photo is on the left.   He chose to write in Hindi.   His sign says, 'Let's go to school.'"

June 23, 2017  
"Today many sponsored and non-sponsored students came to the second day of school.   The sponsored students included: Tara, Rohit, Rakhi, Ravina, Akash, Chandan, Ankush and Sahil. Only four of the sponsored students have not yet returned including: Diksha, Manisha (sisters), Shaid, and Rajveer.   I hope they will come to class soon.   The chidren are very happy to come back to school again.   Our strength today was 40 students."

June 22, 2017
"Today we began a new school year.   Many students have already returned, as you can see, including 4 sponsored students, Akash, Ravina, Rakhi and Chandan.   They are already serious about their studies - click on the photo directly below.   I am confident, by the grace of God, more students will attend tomorrow."

June 3, 2017  
"The VBS Program (Vocation Bible Study) started on the 1st of June and continues through the 6th of June 2017, a five day program.   VBS Study Materials were purchased from New Delhi.   The teachers were trained for three days on how to teach the children during a Vocation Bible Study program.   We do many activities like action songs and worship songs, and we teach the children Bible stories about Jesus Christ, moral values in society, respect for elders, dance, drama and much more."   Click on an image to see a special page on the program.


Participants included, Akash, Diksha, Manisha, Rakhi, Ravina and Rohit

May 25, 2017  
"Today, we organized a 'Parinda campaign,' an activity we conducted in the School and outside of the School.   We bind clay pots to trees for drinking water for the Birds.   Here it is much too hot, and many birds die every year because of the lack of water.   So, this is the first time Children of Hope School arranged to obtain clay pots and water for birds.   We tied 50 (Parindas) onto local trees and some we gave to the children to put on their house tops.   Our aim is to start this campaign so that there will not be a lack of drinking water for our area birds, and we may save the lives of several rare birds.   'Parindas' is a Hindi word which means 'clay pot for birds.'"




May 13, 2017  
"Today, Apex Hospital accepted our application and sent a medical team to the school for a free ear and hearing check-up.   The children came one at a time for the check-up.   The Apex Hospital team taught the children about ear-health awareness.   The team was in the school for two hours.   The children were very happy to get a check-up of their ears and hearing.   The Apex Hospital team use an audiometer for the hearing test.   We are happy to report, there were no problems found."





April 26, 2017  
"Yes, on occasion, a student arrives ill.   Her name is Minakshi.   Click on her photo to see her temperature.   She is the younger sister of Pushpa, on the right.   See their story on the CHILDREN page.   I have given Minakshi leave to take rest and medication at home.   Now Pushpa is coughing.   Both sisters have been sent home."
April 15, 2017  
"The student's annual exams have started.   All of the children are serious about their studies.   Prior to the exams, we have spent extra time with them teaching.   Apart from the sponsored students, we have used money we needed for other things on exam copies, papers and study materials.   These costs would be reduced if we had a printer."
April 3, 2017  
"This is a science project by Ajay and Lalit.
Please watch this video.   You will be quite amazed.   They read about this difficult science project in a science book the School provided.   They were inspired by the possibility they could do such a project.   They came to me and said they wanted to do this project, which was different from other children's projects and more challenging.  I then contacted one of our volunteers.   I knew that he was pursuing a degree in Engineering from a university.   Sometimes he comes to Children of Hope School to teach the children.   He (Rajesh) helped Ajay and Lalit to connect the two LEDs to a DC motor, which served as a generator.   Rajesh explained to them how to connect LEDs to the DC Motor to generate positive and negative voltage by turning the "generator" clockwise and counterclockwise, lighting first a white LED and then a red LED.   Rajesh helped them make the model, teaching them the working process.   Rajesh was very happy to help the boys.

Although they are quite young (Ajay is 10 and Lalit is 9), Rajesh was able to teach them the fundamentals of how to generate electricity.   Yes, they are future engineers.
I have personally seen Ajay and Lalit in deep concentration during this project.   I know that these children from the slums and streets of Jaipur have hidden talent.   With the help of volunteers like Rajesh, we are trying to bring out their hidden talent, by the Grace of God.   It would be wonderful, if both students were sponsored together. "

Both "engineers" above may be
sponsored by the same sponsor,
but they must be sponsored individ-
ually.   That's Lalit on the left and
Ajay on the right.

March 30, 2017  
"And here are the creative Children of Hope School students who completed their amazing science projects with still photos of their work.   Pushpa on the right is a 13-year old Girl and Kuldeep on the left is a 12-year old Boy."

March 30, 2017  
"And now, two more videos to watch.   Two students have completed their science projects. The teachers and I are amazed at their creativity.   Our purpose in giving the students science projects is to help them become innovative and creative.   These slum and street childrens have talent, and this activity develops their skill and ability.
It is to give them hope for a better future.   I believe, God will bless them, because creativity is the work of God, and God's people are with the Children of Hope School."
March 18, 2017  
"We have two videos to watch.   The children are playing a game in the school.   We do different games with the children every week.   Since we do not have a large, clear area outside, we focus on indoor games, so that the children have fun and are active. "

March 11, 2017  
"Today, the real Mehndi competition was held in Children of Hope School.   As I said, only the girls can participate in this competition.   It was a wonderful day for the girl children.   They were very happy to do Mehndi on their full hands.   The teachers helped them with this Indian tradition."

February 25, 2017  
"Yesterday, we held "Mehndi competition" at the School.   Only girls can participate in this competition.   The girls were very excited about drawing Mehndi.   They only draw it on Paper.   This is trial phase.   Next Saturday, they will draw real Mehndi on their hands and feet.   Let me tell you about Mehndi.

Importance of Mehndi in Indian culture   Applying Mehendi to the bride and the groom before the wedding is one of the oldest Indian traditions.   The ceremony, however, entails an elaborate application of Mehendi designs on a bride's hands and feet.   As for the groom, a mere token of application of henna is a mark of good omen.   Mehndi holds a lot of cultural significance in Indian traditions.   Be it weddings, Karva Chauth or other occasions, Mehndi plays an important role in all the ceremonies and festivals of India."

Early 2015  
"This video was only recently discovered by us.   It shows Dr. Wilson, a benefactor, having fun with the children prior to their receiving uniforms.   Here is his message for the children"
The Little Children and Jesus

People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them.   When Jesus saw this, he was indignant.   He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.   Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.
Matthew 19:13-15

Click on images to enlarge.

January 13, 2017  
"Children of Hope School provides hope for the slum and street children of Jaipur. It gives them a chance for a future. Today approximately 25 women, mothers of our students, came to the Children of Hope School. They know what we do for their children, and they appreciate our efforts to improve their lives.

Today, however, they came to share their family problems.   Each woman had a different problem to share.   Most of the husbands drink alcohol, gamble or are addicted to drugs.   Only the women in these families go to work daily.   Some husbands beat their wives for money to continue their habits.   Moreover, they send their children to beg for money in the city streets.   It is a very difficult life for these women, caring for their children.   Due to the husband's habits, their health is poor, many are chronically ill.   These are the homes our students come from.   By educating their children, we are helping these mothers, and they are grateful."

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