Christmas at Children of Hope School

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

December 25, 2019
Christmas Day
"Praise the Lord, Jai Masih Ki!

Our God is faithful.   It was difficult to celebrate this Christmas in school.   We lacked many of the things to celebrate, but our God is the Provider, his name is Jehovah Jireh.   We appreciate our Provider that He sends a smile on the children's faces on His Birthday.   Praise the Lord . . . !

Before we cut the cake, we prayed, and the children cut the cake from the younger to the older children.   I asked the children, 'Why do we celebrate Christmas?'   They answered very well.   We asked many questions such as why did Jesus come on earth?   What did He do for us?   What did He share with us?   Praise the lord, they answered very well.   This was possible only through God's grace upon these children.   We distributed cake packets and special meals for the children.   And, Santa came with many candies.   The children enjoyed very much when he came.   All of the children and the teaching staff very much enjoyed this day by God's Grace.   We closed this celebration with prayers and blessings.

The staff and all of the children hope you too had a wonderful and blessed Christmas."

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