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The story behind the Children of Hope School

Pastor Ravi Mohan Pahadiya, MBA, began his career as a sales executive for Reebok Corporation.   Although he was very successful, he felt the calling of the Lord to evangelize.   He left his business career and was blessed with a small church building where he grew a community of believers.
During the week the pastor went into the streets of Jaipur where he encountered the children who live in the slums.   He began to teach them on the sidewalk about Jesus.   With some bamboo and thatch, the Pastor provided shade for the children from the summer sun.
He found the children were eager to learn.
The pastor discovered that when these children are hungry, their parents often tell them to go into the city and beg for food.   From his own resources, he began to feed those who came to his lessons.
Their numbers soon grew.   The children ate and learned under the shade of the makeshift thatch roof.
A hail storm soon demolished the thatched-roof school shelter and sponsors funded the construction of a metal roof supported by steel poles.   Pastor Ravi added a sign and the Children of Hope School was born on the sidewalk in Jaipur.
The numbers continued to grow.   Pastor Ravi also realized these children could not read nor write.
With the help of some sponsors, he purchased reading materials for the children.   The children were thrilled to get them.
One day, Pastor Ravi invited the parents to a "Teachers Day" open house, not knowing how many would actually come.   The turnout was amazing.
Soon, however, anti-Christians came, tore down the school shelter and threatened Pastor Ravi, because he was teaching the children about Jesus and not about the accepted idols.   Pastor Ravi knew he had to find a building where it would be safe to hold his classes.
With a donation of $1,800 from a Christian doctor who visited Pastor Ravi Pahadiya's church in Jaipur, this industrious young pastor found a suitable building, previously used for manufacturing, for just $200 per month. With the help of one of his church members, Ravi installed a new Children of Hope School sign.
The children are grateful for the new, bright, clean school classroom.
Individual classes continue, during which the children learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, get a good meal each day, and learn to read and write with a little math thrown in for good measure.
The doctor paid a visit recently and met with with the Children of Hope School's enthusiastic students which have now grown in number to 60 children!
The pastor prepares the meals in a small kitchen within the building.   The cost each month for food is $500 (approximately $0.42 per child per day).   A sponsor recently gave Ravi enough to purchase steel plates on which to serve the children.
During this past summer, Pastor Ravi has had the support of teaching students from his church, but now they have returned to school and the burden is entirely on him. He doesn't want to turn any child away.   The cost for two assistant teachers is $280 per month. 
Pastor Ravi needs your help.   He has developed a budget for the continuing operation of the Children of Hope School.   Can your church community support this wonderful pastor and his ministry?   Is there some part of his monthly expenses your community can fund?   Or, would you prefer to make a one-time donation toward the water tank or floor rugs urgently needed?   Click on the budget image for a larger, printable view, then press Ctrl and P to print.

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