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Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"Karan and Honey are brothers.   Karan is 10-years old and Honey is 9-years old.   Their mother works house-to-house as a servant to fulfill all of the needs of her family.   Karan's father does not work anywhere, and he is habitually Intoxicated, causing quarrels in the family
When Karan and Honey were younger, their mother would take them along with her where she was working, but as they grew, she started to worry more about her children's education.

The husband used to take money from their mother and beat her as well.   One day she decided to commit suicide, but one person she knew came along with some other people and brought her back home.   This did not change her husband, who continued to drink as before.

The high fee of schools became a problem for her children's education, and she could not admit them to their next class where they attended.   It was two years since Karan and Honey went to school regularly.   One day their mother made the decision to admit them to any school wherever she could get a concession on the fees, and she reached Children of Hope School.   She shared the great burden she carried and the pain in her heart.   She wanted her Karan and Honey to be growing in knowledge and wisdom.

She is now very happy that her children are going to school daily, and she does not have to worry every month about the fee.   It is a great help for her life and her family.   If you wish to sponsor Karan (above) or his brother, Honey (the the right), just click on their photo.   Or, to first learn more about sponsoring, click on SPONSOR above."


"Vijay and Ajay are brothers.   Vijay, is 9-years old and Ajay is 11-years old.   Their parents belong to a village and they lived in the village until their children grew.   Because their father is illiterate, it was impossible for him to get good job in the city.   He also felt ashamed to go back to his village again.   So he decided to continue to live in the city, and they took a small house to rent.

To run his family, Vijay's father started to work as a laborer with a small salary, and it became very hard for him to give his children three meals per day and to fulfil the basic needs of the family; also it became impossible to admit his children into any school of the city.   He started to worry a lot about his children's future and education, because he does not want his children to become like him and what he faces due to a lack of education.   These worries led him to become addicted to alcohol and create quarrels in the family.

Often Vijay and Ajay would see Children of Hope School students passing by their house.   One day Ajay asked the children which school they were going to.   The students told them about Children of Hope School which provides free education to needy children.   After hearing about the School, Vijay and Ajay's parents came to the School with their children and requested enrollment for the boys.   Their Mother was crying for her children.   Now Vijay and Ajay are students in the Children of Hope School.   Their parents are very happy about this and became very thankful to God.   Their parents now work without worry and live a happier life."


"Minakshi   Minakshi has two brothers and three sisters.   Her elder brother is an electrician and her younger brother is a painter, but both of them do not contribute any money to run the family, even though her older brother lives with the family.   Minakshi's elder sister makes artificial necklaces in the home and sells them on the streets.   Through that she buys some vegetable for the dinners.   She is still not married.

Minakshi's father is also a painter, but he works only four months out of the year.   Her mother works as a laborer in a restaurant to earn some extra money.   Minakshi's mother started to cry, when we talked with her, as she was disappointed that she was not able to provide for an education for her daughter.   She wanted to provide for an education for her daughters.   She searched for a school nearby.   She came to us and we shared that her daughters can study without paying any money, and that they will get books and a once a day meal as well.   Her heart was filled with the joy.   Now Minakshi (age 9) and her sister Pushpa (age 13) regularly come to the Children of Hope School.   Their mother has hope that Menakshi and Pushpa will receive a good education and have a bright future."


"Gauri   Here is a five year old girl named Gauri.   Her mother's pregnancy was a very difficult time.   When Gauri was in her mother's womb, Satan came over her mother's body.   Satan gave her much trouble at that time.   Her husband left her, permanently, when he saw her condition.   Gauri's grandmother brought her mother home and started a medical treatment for her, but she did not heal through the medical treatment.   Gauri's grandmother took her mother to a black magic practitioner, but the pregnancy problems did not get better.   Satan occupied her body every night and gave her much trouble.   In that same condition, her mother gave birth to Gauri, and after several days, her mother died.   Gauri's mother had no brothers.   She left behind three sisters.

Gauri does not know what a mother is.   Her mother's sisters and her grandmother looked after Gauri from childhood.   Now her mother's sisters got married last year.   Her grandmother and maternal grandfather do not earn enough to be able to send Guari to school.   Her grandmother worked as a laborer, but her illness caused her to leave her job job and stay at home.   Gauri's maternal grandfather is also ill.   When we heard about Gauri's situation from a Christian brother, we went to the grandparent's home and gave them hope for Gauri's education through the Children of Hope School.   Gauri's grandmother told us, "If there were not for the Children of Hope School, my little Gauri may have remained illiterate."   She thanked us and gave thanks for the School, giving new hope her little Gauri."


"Sonam is a 7-year old girl.   She has a brother who is 3-years old.   Sonam's father works as a white washer and her mother is a house wife.   Once, when her grandmother went to purchase vegetables, someone told her that a school had been opened for poor children, where books and food are provided to the students, free of cost.   After hearing all of these things, her grandmother was very happy and came to Children of Hope School.   She asked us everything about the school.   Sonam's parents are not well educated.   Sonam received admission to the Children of Hope School through her grandmother.   Sonam has now been in our school for the last 2 years.   She is very intelligent.   She does her work in a timely fashion.   She takes a bath regularly and comes to the school each day with her grandmother.   Sometimes her father comes to school to see her and to take her back home.   Her parents and grandmother are very pleased to see her studying and growing.   Her grandmother is very grateful to the Children of Hope School for giving Sonam a brighter future."

Sponsored 11/25/2018

"Bhanupratap (Bhanup) is a 7-year old boy.   His mother is a house wife and father works as a laborer.   His parents came to the city because of the lack of work in the Village.   There are lots of expenses in the city, and they were not able to give a proper education to their child.   They could not pay the monthly fee of a school.   His mother and father realized that two years were wasted with their son staying at home.   When they learned about Children of Hope School in July of 2017, they came to the School and told us all about their situation.   We helped them and gave their son admission to the school.   Now Bhanupratap is studying and growing as a young boy.   His mother and father are also very thankful to the school.   If you wish to sponsor Bhanupratap, just click on his photo.   Or, to first learn more about sponsoring, click on SPONSOR above."


"Krishna is a 7-year old girl.   She is the only daughter of her parents.   Her father has a bad hashish habit.   All in the family are very much disturbed by his habit.   After experiencing this situation with her husband, Krishna's mother left the home.   When Krishna got older, her grandmother came to the Children of Hope School for her admission and she told us all the stories about Krishna's life.   Then, her mother came back home after a 2 year absence.   She came to our school and saw Krishna reading, playing and growing everyday in school.   She cried a lot to see her.   Now they all are living in a rental home.   Her father has not yet changed.   Her mother is living there for Krishna only.   Krishna's mother started work in a factory doing thread cutting so that she can run her home smoothly.   Krishna is now in Children of Hope for the last 2 years.   Her mother is very happy seeing Krishna studying well.   She told us, 'My daughter's future hopes rest on this school.'"

Sponsored 11/10/2018

"Afsana is a 12-year old girl.   She is from a poor Muslim family.   Her mother is a house wife and her father goes to work for daily wages.   She has four brothers and two sisters.   Her 7-year old brother, Sahil, was a rag picker.   He used to sell what he found to junk shops and gradually he became greedy for money.   Then he started stealing things from the houses of others.   I was very disappointed to learn that Sahil started taking alcohol with his friends, his mother told me.   The next morning, I went to his small rented house near our school.   I met Sahil, Afsana and the other children.   There was no bed in their house to sleep in.
They just slept on the ground.   The last baby girl born was affected with malnutrition and died.

Afsana's family became very upset because of Sahil; he didn't listen and feared no one.   I talked with his parents and asked why they don't send Sahil and Afsana to school.   They replied to me, 'We have no money to send them to school .'   Then I told them about our work at Children of Hope School.   We assured them that they don't have to pay any money for their children's education.   We said, if they will send them to our school, we promise to give them a uniform and a daily meal at school, as we do for every child who comes to our school.   Afsana's parents happily agreed to send their two children to school, but Sahil didn't want to attend the school.   Every morning he ran from the house.   However, we worked hard for Sahil and continued our counseling.   We used to catch him and bring to school.   We showed him love and taught him with love and care.

Now Sahil neither steals things nor collects rags to sell.   Afsana and Sahil are learning to speak properly, to write and read.   After seeing the change in Sahil, his parents said to us,'   We lost hope that Sahil will study, but now we are very happy to see our children doing well.'"   Sahil has already been sponsored, but if you wish to sponsor Afsana, just click one of her photos.   She will be thrilled.   Or, to first learn more about sponsoring, click on SPONSOR above."


"Gaurav is a 2.6-year old boy.   Gaurav's family is living in a rental house nearby the school.   He has a younger sister who is one and half years old.   When he sees the other children are going to school, he also becomes determined to go to school.   Once her mother left him at the school for a short time.   He played with the other students then, after that, cried a lot to go home.   His mother came and got him.   Now, his mother takes him to Children of Hope School everyday. After some time, he stopped crying, and plays with the other students very well.   Now all of the teachers and students love him.   He says his prayers and counts from 1 to 10.   He comes to the school in a timely manner, says the teacher.   His father sells vegetables and mother washes clothes for people.   His parents are very happy to see their son going to school and studying well.   If you wish to sponsor Gaurav, just click one of his photos.   Or, to first learn more about sponsoring, click on SPONSOR above."


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